What are Chakras?
Everything in the world is made up of energy. Just as we have a physical body, so we have an energy body, which is as intricate and complex as our physical body. We have rivers of energy running throughout our bodies. Where these rivers of energy intersect, chakras are formed. They can be described as vibrating, pulsating wheels of light. In fact, the word ‘chakra’ comes from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘wheel’. There are a number of chakras within our body, however, there are seven major chakras situated along our central column. These are formed where the largest numbers of energy pathways intersect. Our chakras help us to take in, metabolize and send out energy. They are the powerhouses of energy system and affect every aspect of our health and well-being- physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Each chakra metabolizes a different frequency of energy, making the chakras different colours. The major chakras colours follow the colours of the rainbow. This is no coincidence. Just as passing white light through a prism forms a rainbow, so we are formed. In our energy/ spiritual state, we are pure white light (Divine energy). By entering into physical form (by incarnating), our white light energy (our essence) is refracted into the colours of the rainbow. By working with and resonating with the powers held in each chakra, we are able to connect back to our spiritual essence- to go back to the light. This is what is meant by spiritual enlightenment. (See diagram). Therefore, the chakra system is such an important system to understand and work with. They are the roadmap for our healing and enlightenment journey. All the information that we need about ourselves, others and the world can be found within our chakra system.

The spin of the chakras is governed by the right hand rule of electromagnetics. This states that if you point your thumb in the direction of the flow of the current, the curl of your fingers demonstrate the flow of the electromagnetic current. Therefore, a healthy, well-functioning chakra spins in a clockwise direction. This means that it is absorbing and metabolizing energy from the environment. While on the contrary a blocked/ closed chakra spins in an anti-clockwise direction. This means that the person is not taking in energy from the environment through that chakra, but rather sending out their own energy into the world, experiencing it, and saying that that is reality. This is what is termed psychological "projection" and is an inaccurate perception of reality.

Furthermore, each chakra is linked to specific parts of the body, mental or thought patterns, emotions, and spiritual truths. It is therefore important for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well being to keep our chakras cleansed and balanced. There are a number of ways to work with the chakras. You need to find the method that resonates the most with you. You may want to use crystals, aromatherapy oils or metaphysical healing. Chakra cleansing and balancing meditations are extremely beneficial in keeping your whole system balanced and functioning healthily.