Dee Stress with Dina Cramer MP3s
DEE-STRESS WITH DINA CRAMER was designed as part of a corporate wellness workshop on stress management. It contains 4 guided visualizations to help people de-stress:

(Can be bought seperattely for $4 each or as a set for $14)

This visualization uses the waves of the ocean to wash stress and tension out the body. It can be used as a basic relaxation and stress release mechanism. It helps to keep the body healthy and strong.

In this visualization you will be walking through a rainbow and breathing in the rainbow colours. Everything in the world is made up of energy. Colours are different vibrations of energy. So when we breathe in the rainbow colours we help keep ourselves healthy and balanced.

3. DETACHMENT (please note this is the same as the meditation on Pathways To Enlightenment)
When we are worried about something or are attached to a particular outcome we can become very stressed. This guided visualization helps people to let go of stressful situations in their lives. This visualization helps people find a sense of peace in being totally neutral and staying centred amidst the uncertainty and chaos.

4. CUTTING OF CORDS (please note this is the same as the meditation in Pathways To Enlightenment)
This is a very powerful visualization to do when you are having a conflict or difficulty with a particular person. It helps people take responsibility for the situation and take steps to deal with and heal the situation in a loving way. It also helps people see the symbolism of what this person and situation are helping them to learn and heal within themselves.

Buy all 4 as a set for $14
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