Healing Your Inner Child
Based on the Lucia’s book, "Recovery of Your Inner Child" this course will give you direct access to your inner child. You will be able to: 
  • feel it’s emotions, 
  • remember it’s memories, 
  • recapture it’s sense of wonder and creativity, 
  • and access a spirituality that will be a guiding force in your life. 

You will also learn creative and powerful techniques, which will enable you to become your own therapist, by healing and re-parenting your inner child.

Course Outline:

Session 1: Meeting your Inner/ Vulnerable Child
Session 2: Allowing Healthy Expression of Your Angry Inner Child
Session 3 : Handling Your Critical Parent
Session 4: Empowering Your Protective Parent
Session 5: Developing Your Nurturing Parent
Session 6: Healing The Wounds
Session 7: Exploring Your Spiritual & Creative Inner Child
Session 8: Having Fun with Your Playful Inner Child

Course Details:
This course is run a number of times throughout the year. For more information on prices, dates, times and venue, fill in the form to the right:

It is never too late to have a happy childhood...