Law Of Attraction
•   Are you living the life of your dreams?
•   Have you read or seen THE SECRET, but have not been able to apply it effectively?
•   Do you want more money? Love? Another job? A better house? An overseas vacation?
•   Are you frustrated with the quality of your life? 

Millennuim Meditations will help you:
•   Learn how you can apply the Law of Attraction in your life 
•   Harness your thoughts to create the life of your dreams
•   Develop guidelines on words to use 
•   Put your words into action
•   Learn to trust your innate creative power
•   Make space for your creations
•   Create a daily ritual to ensure positive creation in your life

"Initially I found I was getting nowhere with meditation but after Millenium Meditations I started to feel benefits in all aspects of my life"    - Peter, Scotland
Invest in your health, wealth and happiness today!
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