Re-Awakening The Power Within You...
This course is about seeing how you create your own reality, exploring your life’s purpose, and overcoming the obstacles to it by working through the chakra system. 

EXPERIENTIALLY, the course involves :
  • various meditations in order to get in touch with the issues, powers and blockages held in each chakra; 
  • Inner Child Work to explore why we have certain patterns;
  • physical exercises to charge and open the chakras;
  • dowsing with a pendulum;
  • awakening your intuition
  • basic healing techniques;
  • the use of colour and aromatherapy oils,
  • and various other creative exercises.

Course Outline

Session 1: Root Chakra- Why are you here?
Session 2: Sacral Chakra- Finding the Path of Least Resistance
Session 3: Solar Plexus Chakra- Personal Power & Self-Esteem
Session 4: Heart Chakra- “May What You Love Be What You Do”
Session 5: Throat Chakra- Working With Intentions
Session 6: Third Eye Chakra- Receiving Higher Guidance
Session 7: Crown Chakra- Connecting To Our Life’s Purpose
Session 8: Integrating Session

MEDITATIONS were designed specifically to help people to resonate with the powers held in each of the chakras,
and to unblock or shift blocked energy. Each course participant will receive a FREE CD with these meditations on it so that they can work on these chakra issues both during and after the course.

Course Details
This course is run a number of times throughout the year. For more information on prices, dates, times and venue, fill in the form to the right:

Live your life's purpose!