Unconditional Love & Forgiveness
Forgiveness is quite a challenging. 

However, the true nature of forgiveness remains misunderstood...
Forgiveness does not mean condoning the action. It simply means releasing the ill will you have in yourself towards the perpetrator of the act. It means refusing to hold onto the anger and resentment because you know that by holding onto it you will make yourself sick.

We put a lot of energy and time into holding onto the pain and resentment.Very often the person that we are angry with carries on as if nothing has happened. They are not holding on, we are. We need to stop judging and condemning other people. Let them live their lives and suffer the consequences (because there always are consequences) and you take responsibility for being in control of your life and bearing the consequences of your actions. Remember, very often when someone hurts us it is because they are hurting. That does not condone their actions, however, it does help you have compassion for yourself when you are struggling and behave in hurtful ways. It helps you forgive yourself for being human and making mistakes. After all we learn from our mistakes. Therefore, forgiveness is vital to a healthy system.

Write a letter of forgiveness to whomever you are still holding anger and resentment towards. Remember to also forgive yourself for holding onto the anger or resentment and for anything else you feel guilty or bad about. You can start the letter by saying:
I refuse to hold onto the anger or resentment that I carry regarding ….(this issue)…anymore. Therefore I forgive you for……..Please forgive
me for…….

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This is a great meditation to do when you know you are holding onto anger and resentment!