What is Meditation?
When I talk about meditation to someone who is new to it, I get mixed reactions. Those who already meditate are often confused, saying that they do it, but they don’t know if they’re doing it right. 

Meditation is a powerful tool for self-development, health, happiness and success. 
Our conscious thoughts/ ego often keep us engaged in repetitive patterns of limiting beliefs and behaviours. Once you go beyond the conscious mind, you are able to see more clearly the illusions that hold you back, and are in a space to choose to whether to hold onto these limiting patterns or to release them and move forward with your life- empower yourself.

Once you are in a meditative state, you have gone beyond a physical reality into an energy or spiritual reality. In this reality anything is possible- you are limitless.

It involves quietening the mind in order to gain access to our Higher Self - that part of us that is divinely connected to a higher wisdom, a higher consciousness. It is in this state that we can go beyond the constant hammering of our conscious thoughts, beyond the illusions of life that keep us stuck and limited, in order to discover the deeper whisperings of our soul.

There are a lot of misconceptions and uncertainties surrounding meditation. People often think meditation is linked to religion and by engaging in meditation they fear that they may be going against their religion by praying to or worshipping another god. The truth is that meditation is not a religious practice, although many of the major religions do make use of meditation in their practice. 

Meditation can be used for many different things. Some see meditation as a means to achieving spiritual enlightenment. Others use it for relaxation and stress release. The truth is that we all meditate in one-way or another. If you have been mesmerised by the ocean, awed by the sunset, lost in the stars or you have simply indulged in daydreaming, then you have experienced meditation. We all take time to reflect deeply on our relationships, our money, our work. Meditation is simply the act of going deep within oneself. Of reflection. 

Like all types of action, there is thinking that is positive for you, and thinking that is negative. I teach meditation as a way of reminding you that you know how to meditate. That you are infinitely connected to the universe, to Divine Energy. That you have an internal mechanism for releasing stress, anger, pain and illness.

Meditation does not replace prayer, or even challenge it. Your personal connection with God is still made through prayer. Meditation is a connection to yourself. One of the benefits of meditation is clarity. You remove yourself from the emotional clutter of this world, better enabling you to pray. 

There is one promise I can make. If you meditate every day, your life will change. Mine did. Meditation is a gift to all. Open it up. Give it a place in your life. It will be the first of many gifts that you receive, and the beginning of your journey into bliss. 

"Initially I found I was getting nowhere with meditation but after Millenium Meditations I started to feel benefits in all aspects of my life"    - Peter, Scotland
Invest in your health, wealth and happiness today!